The Vero Water System By Avi Naider

Used at five-star hotels and restaurants worldwide, the Vero Water System uses proprietary technologies to produce high quality bottled water onsite, thus providing a convenient alternative to purchasing bottled water. The Vero+ purification process eliminates impurities, chemicals, and imperfections, leaving behind crisp, pure water every time. The system also includes reusable, durable glass bottles that can be branded with the customer’s logo. In all, the cost per bottle of Vero-purified water is less than half the cost of traditional, imported bottled water.

During the Vero+ purification process, water first passes through a nano cream pre-filter and a pre-carbon filter. The former uses an electro-adhesion technology to remove cysts, bacteria, viruses, and colloidal particles, while the latter pulls out any dirt, silt, rust, and chlorine. From there, the water undergoes ion resin exchange, which eliminates most hard solids to produce a softer, lighter taste. Following this, a post-carbon block filter further reduces chlorine and other chemicals in the water, while also removing any remaining color or odor. The water is then treated to ensure it has Vero’s signature crisp, pure taste before bottling. It can be served at ambient temperature, chilled, or carbonated.

About the Author

Entrepreneur and consultant Avi Naider sits on the board of Vero Water. Mr. Naider also serves as President and CEO of ACES Risk Management Corp (ARMCO), the producer of an online compliance and evaluation system for companies in the mortgage industry.

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